Saturday, September 10, 2011

K2 with a new crew

Started the day with a L2 K2 20km workout. This was the first extended work out which maggie and I have done together, considering paddling 20km in a K2 can be challenging for a crew which has trained together for a while. I was pleased with how it went for us. I think by the end we both stated to relax in the boat and work more comfortably together. The other positive thing is we didnt want to kill eachother after the paddle which in and of itself speaks volumn! I am looking forward to getting back to base training for a few weeks before we ramp up for Pan American games, for some weird twisted reason (which I hope some athletes can back me up on) I find base training a calming influence on my life. Granted scheduling time for school and work when you have a heavy training load can be rather challenging, but I think I have started to figure it out soo bring it on.

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