Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I was naive in thinking that I had my energy coming back whahahaha. We paddled 12km at L2,  then we went over to Katrin Wagners house with the other girls to eat cake and chocolate and drink coffee. It was a lot of fun and it broke up our two morning training sessions nicely. We then did a resistance workout  8x250m with one ball. I came back to the house had food and passed out til we needed to leave for are two afternoon session! I think I may actually still be tired!
I'm going back home to OKC on Sat so not much longer to push, then I get a recovery week!!!!! so excited.

Monday, February 20, 2012


After two full weeks of training with the German team I think my body is finally coming around to the idea that it can handle the volume. Over the past two weeks I think I have felt everything except for energetic. I may not be moving exceptionally fast but I am definitely no longer completely trashed every minute of the day. Its amazing what a full day of rest can do, we finished training on Sat. and my body was toast I felt like I had just paddled the entire Ausable Canoe Marathon! I am hoping this means my body is recovering, becoming stronger, faster and fitter. This is the last week I am in Florida so I am hoping to make the most of the group training. Because once I get back to OKC i will be on my own the two other girls who are with me will be staying down here to train, unfortunately I am not able to do that damn this whole being an adult thing.... Actually I'm looking forward to going back and training in OKC.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Norway Joins our group

A Norwegian girl (Mira) joined out little international training group today. She's really nice and will only add to an already great group.
Whenever I think of putting top female athletes together in a training group I shiver because it can turn into a "bitch" fight really quickly, not the case with this group. I think the reason why is that everyone of them is so confident in themselves that the petty stuff goes away. Each practice doesn't turn into a race and you focus on what you need to do better instead of what the other persons doing. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

German Team

      The German women's team and coach has been incredibly welcoming to Jen, Maggie and I,  we really couldn't ask for a better training situation. I was really nervous coming into the training camp because I had expected that the team would not be happy with us training with them since they are so much faster. That hasn't been the situation at all, during the longer paddles they have been happy to switch off wash leads with us etc...granted we have to go fairly hard to keep up the pace but it will make us faster.
     Over the past 2 days we have had 4 sessions a day and are completely exhausted, luckily we have this afternoon off to recover! The focus of the sessions has been on power at a low stroke rate, it really pretty amazing how much power those girls can generate at such low rates! Its definitely something to work for.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


After two days in the car and only one or two minor "things" we have reached our destination Debbie Paige's house in Melbourne, FL. Melbourne is a mecca for sprint kayakers in the winter and spring months, with teams coming in from all over the world to train.
We will get on the water for a short paddle in the morning then catch up on school work the rest of the day. On Monday we will start getting "after it" for the next three weeks, on the water, in the gym, on the road and perhaps in the pool.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

PowerBar Team Elite

Super excited to be a new member of PowerBar Team Elite!
Tomorrow morning a few members of the US team myself included are taking a road trip to Florida to train with the German team for 3wks!