Monday, February 20, 2012


After two full weeks of training with the German team I think my body is finally coming around to the idea that it can handle the volume. Over the past two weeks I think I have felt everything except for energetic. I may not be moving exceptionally fast but I am definitely no longer completely trashed every minute of the day. Its amazing what a full day of rest can do, we finished training on Sat. and my body was toast I felt like I had just paddled the entire Ausable Canoe Marathon! I am hoping this means my body is recovering, becoming stronger, faster and fitter. This is the last week I am in Florida so I am hoping to make the most of the group training. Because once I get back to OKC i will be on my own the two other girls who are with me will be staying down here to train, unfortunately I am not able to do that damn this whole being an adult thing.... Actually I'm looking forward to going back and training in OKC.

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