Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Team USA Canoe/kayak arrived in Mexico on Sat. It was an uneventful and quick trip from team processing in Houston, TX. We left the Airport and were escorted to the athlete village by the Mexican federal police, they literally were standing in trucks with machine guns and flanking our bus. We only got a quick glimpse of the athlete village before we were escorted to Guzman which is the city/town where all the paddle sport athletes are staying. Guzman is not a bad place, the athlete housing is nice and clean and its a cool little compound which is pretty much surrounded by federal police, local police and US body guards. The course is on a small lake. The lake is calm first thing in the morning and then the wind whips up real good throughout the rest of the day, so just like home!
Maggie and I have heats for the K2 500m on friday morning!

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