Friday, December 30, 2011


Northampton MA, is a special place "were the coffee is strong and so are the women". I'm not sure who I am supposed to attribute that quote to but they are certainly right. I love coming back to town and seeing the eclectic and cool mix of people wondering the streets and frequenting the Haymarket, especially all my friends that come back to town around the holidays.
While alot of my time back is spent trying to see friends and family the rest is taken up trying to coordinate my workouts with everything, or rather everything around my workouts! It can get messy getting each work out in, so far I have managed in some odd fashion or another. Making sure friends, family, food, dental appointments, optometrists, and work outs get into my day makes it all feel less like vacation and more like I will need a vacation when I get back to OKC!
I have been able to go skiing a few times over in Grafton Ponds, VT, since there is no snow anywhere else. They have a 1km man made loop which is in great shape in terms of the snow conditions. Spending time on the snow is wonderful, I didnt even miss a beat when I went skiing for the first time, it felt like I had never been off the snow. I actually think I am a faster skier now then I was before! Unfortunately my back still does not want to let me ski for long periods of time which is demoralizing, but it does make me appreciate kayaking all the more and helps me feel that I made the right choice in switching even though I love being on the snow.

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