Saturday, August 4, 2012


113 degrees, 111 degrees can put a damper on training. But OKC athletes are managing to beat the worst of the heat with back to back workouts. 7am and 10am we are out on the water, by the time we are done with the second workout its only up to about 100-103 which at this point is a manageable temperature! Lets put it this way I am super excited for the the cold front which is hitting OKC this weekend, 100 degrees is supposed to be the high.
Despite the pain of training in the frying pan we are making the last training push til nationals and building speed for marathon worlds championships in September. I am super excited to be competing in Rome for the WC ( I will be competing in the K2 with Maggie Hogan, after our success in the 1000m at the World Cups I am really looking forward to testing our skills at the WC over a slightly longer distance.

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  1. Every day I look at the weather map in the newspaper and there's a blood-red blister over central Oklahoma. Nationals in Seattle should feel great after baking in that for a few weeks.

    That's awesome that you're doing marathon worlds. Have fun with that!