Thursday, April 30, 2015

US Team Trials

Last weekend the boathouse district hosted the 2015 US national sprint kayak/canoe team trials. I competed in three events the k1 500m, k2 500m and k1 200m . The k1 500m turned into a rough day at the office for me after about 300m but I hung in there for a 2nd place finish. The k2 felt a bit better then the individual race and Maggie and I won with a strong margin. The next day was my favorite event the 200m. The day was sunny and warm with a bit of a head wind verses a strong quartering head wind and doom and cloom in the sky. The final in the 200m went well and I got off the line strong and kept a decent pace throughout the race and came up with the win.
Next week I leave for Europe to start the World Cup season in Portugal.

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