Monday, August 15, 2011

Bellagio, Italy

We approached Bellagio from the scenic route or so I am told.....for those of us unfortunate enough to have motion sickness it was slightly less scenery and a lot more of.... huddle in the fetal position until we get to our destination. The little bits of the drive through the Italian country side I saw were breath taking. Small Villages on single lane roads (well supposedly 2 lane thats up for debate though) with the Dolomites rising up in the background and lots of woods all about, the best part was seeing Lake Como as we descended a narrow road toward Bellagio. 
It was one of those days that just fell into place perfectly without any planning at all. We drove into town looking for a parking space after a bit we gave up and were heading out of town to locate a spot further up the road when, a guy on a Harley starts honking at us and drives right up next to the van. It was Antonio Rossi a famous Italian kayaker, he informed us parking would not be a problem and invited us to his club in town. Club Lido turned out to be a swank little yacht club on lake Como right as you entered Bellagio. 
He spoke to the women at the entrance and we walked right on into the club. The Club had, there were cabanas offering shade to the occupants of white leather sofas which dotted an imported  white sandy beach.  Within a few minutes of seating ourselves on said sofas we were brought fruit kabobs and a giant bucket of spritz (some type of alcoholic concoction) with many colorful straws. We ended up spending a lovely afternoon lounging around and enjoying the finer aspects of Italy. 

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