Saturday, November 19, 2011

Putnam City Cancer Classic

The OCU kayak team raced the Putnam City Cancer classic 5km today. The race raised money for OMRF and cancer research.
The run took place on a day which reminded me of the kids movie Winnie the Pooh and a blustery day! The wind was seriously gusting to the point where you thought you may get blown away....or at least not be able to move forward.
It was fun to be in a road race again I think it has been almost 5yrs since the last one I ran, I planned on pacing this one really well but the boys decided to take off like bats out of hell and ruined my plan.....I tried to keep up thinking that I was just having trouble getting moving....nope they broke from their normal pace and tried to kill each other which mostly just killed me...ooops.
Overall it was a great event which raised money for a good cause.

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