Saturday, June 25, 2011

Olympic day and the importance of a State vegetable

    I am trying to write this post while watching/listening to the daily show, this is a very difficult task hence the mention of the debate over a NY state vegetable. In case your curious it was voted on and is corn..... 
    Olympic day is a world wide event which promotes fitness,  healthy living  and the ideals of the olympic games (usoc). Oklahoma City and Lake Placid held great events today, lots of families and kids came through the training centers observing and participating in different olympic sports. Our junior athletes were out introducing canoe/kayak to the public. 
    Prior to the events of the day all the kayakers and canoeists were out on mirror lake bright and early to  paddle 16km in the rain and cold. We were broken up into groups of 3, consisting of a Junior women's K2, a junior boy, and a senior girl.  The arrangement was kinda of fun however the whole 16km felt like I was dragging a heavy weight through the water, I am not sure if it was all the lifting or the intensity over the past few day but uuuggggghhh. The girls and Tanner did a great job and kept a good pace throughout the workout.

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